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Take Advantage of April

It’s time to give your home’s exterior a good spring cleaning


Welcome to April – the month that promises flowers as a reward, but only after a lot of rain. Especially on the Cape, spring can be a bit shy to announce itself, and before you know it, it’s summer. So how do we prepare our homes for the “busy season” – when it’s often hard to tell exactly what season we’re in?


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It’s always good to get an early start on spring maintenance. As soon as things thaw out, we should inspect our homes and find out what needs attention, because spring rains will only worsen things like rot and mold.


Here are some tips and guidelines for getting your home back in in peak condition this spring:


1. Deal with any damage
Since snow is unlikely at this point (although you never know… anyone remember the April Fool’s Day blizzard of ’97?), we can inspect our home for any possible winter wear and tear.


  • Check the roof for leaks
  • Check for damaged or rotted wood and shingles
  • Look for any cracks or gaps along exterior walls, especially a rounds doors and windows


If you find areas of your home that are compromised, it’s important to address the problem(s) sooner rather than later. Spring rains will only worsen the situation – if the pairs are done now you will fare much better through our wet season. If you need help, Stewart Painting offers complete carpentry services, including:


  • Exterior trim & rot repairs
  • Window sill replacement
  • Window & door replacement
  • Deck & handrail repair & replacement
  • Bulkhead replacement
  • Shingles & siding replacement
  • Synthetic decking and rail installation


2. Tend to your gutters
Gutters can do a great job of redirecting rain water away from your house, but Not if they are clogged with leaves and twigs. Spring and late fall are key times to check your gutters and downspouts and make sure they are free of debris.


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3. Consider a power wash
Dirt, mold and mildew don’t stand a chance against power washing. A professional power wash is a key step in preparing your home for exterior paint, but it’s also great for cleaning natural wood siding. Even if you have no plans for paint, a deep water clean will dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home.

Need another great reason to get a power wash from Stewart Painting? We will once again be giving $10 to the Cape & Islands United Way for EVERY power wash we do in 2016!


4. Apply a fresh coat of paint
On dry days, spring is the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home. New paint will not only make your home look great, it will protect against the elements. Wind, sun, and rain will all have a tougher time penetrating a house that is properly painted and sealed.

Learn how to prep your home for exterior paint

Once the house itself is handled, you’ll be ready to dust off the outdoor furniture and the grill, clean up the yard and get out the lawn games…the long days of summer will be here before you know it.

Need exterior painting, power washing or carpentry services this spring? Get an estimate


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