Stewart Painting Launches Apprentice Painting School

Sheldon Stewart, President of Stewart Painting, is pleased to announce the launch of an apprentice painting school (Stewart Painting Academy) which will give hard working people an opportunity to make a living wage in a respected trade.  The 4 week course will be held on Saturdays, from 7:30 am to 9:30 am, beginning on Saturday, February 28, 2015, and held at Stewart Painting at 379 Iyannough Road, Unit 7, in Hyannis.

Stewart Painting AcademyThe course will be $75 and, for those that complete the course, they will receive a toolkit worth more than $75 and an opportunity to get a job with a local painting company. Additionally if they are hired by Stewart Painting, the $75 fee will be refunded.  For those not hired, they will now have all the skills necessary to be a valuable asset to any painting company.

“We are very excited about starting Stewart Painting Academy,” said Sheldon Stewart, President of Stewart Painting. “This is a great opportunity for a person to learn the industry, leave with marketable skills and their own tool set, and an opportunity to work for us or take their talents to another painting company.  Regardless, we will be raising the bar of painting skills and professionalism across the Cape AND giving people the opportunity to make a good living with good benefits on Cape Cod.”

Each week there will be one hour of classroom education including PDCA (Painting Decorating Contractors of America) standards, and the second hour will be hands on skills training.  Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of training from Stewart Painting Academy and a starter toolkit.  Some may be offered an apprentice position with Stewart Painting, others will be able to take their new skills to work for themselves or another painting company.

For more information call 508-362-8023. To register online visit

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