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Eco-friendly painting & cleaning, inside and out

Being eco-friendly is no longer an activity on the fringe. From lightbulbs to clothing and just about everything in between, the products we have to choose from clearly cater to a world that’s got environmentalism at the forefront. According to a national poll conducted by the Shelton Group, getting caught throwing trash out of the car window is more embarrassing to Americans than getting caught cheating on their taxes!

Fortunately, the choices for eco-friendly painting and cleaning have kept right up with the times. This time of year at Stewart Painting, we’re doing both interior and exterior projects for our clients, and environmentally-safe choices are available all around.

Eco-friendly interior painting

exterior paint
Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

As we know, spring on Cape Cod gives us some nice days, but there are just was many that still feel like winter. And with the windows still closed, many people think interior painting is off limits, since there’s no fresh air coming in to help ventilate. Makes sense, but you can actually paint indoors any time of year, thanks to specially-formulated paints that are safe and odor-free.

The key is using paints that have that have low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature, which causes them to evaporate and enter the surrounding air, causing that “paint smell” and potentially, health risks for children, pregnant or nursing mothers, and people with asthma or allergies. According to the American Lung Association, VOCs can also cause skin and eye irritations – and even lung and kidney damage with continued use.

The zero-VOC paints we use (from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore) offer everything you want in a paint – great colors, excellent coverage, a long lasting finish – but without pollutants, harsh chemicals or odors.

Eco-friendly exterior house, roof and deck washing

deck washingA professional power wash will remove dirt, debris and most mildews – safely and effectively – from your home’s exterior. And now is the perfect time to do it, before the plants are in full bloom.

Our power washing services are effective and eco-friendly. The pressure of the water does the dirty work, so we don’t need to use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment or the people and pets who live in your house. For most jobs, we use a low pressure wash (garden hose strength) with an environmentally-safe combination of bleach & Jomax.

Power washing your home has health benefits for you, too. In our coastal climate, we are more susceptible to mold, which has serious health risks. Mold spores can sneak into your home through cracks and exposed areas, so cleaning the exterior on a regular basis will reduce your chances of having a mold problem.

Once again in 2017, Stewart Painting will donate $10 from every power wash to the Cape & Islands United Way.

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