Stewart Painting uses an environmentally safe combination of bleach & Jomax applied in a garden hose strength. This wash will gently remove dirt, mildew & lichen. It will also remove black streaks from asphalt roofs. Low Pressure Wash uses the same pressure that comes from a garden hose with a nozzle. It will remove dirt and mildew (not a heavy growth). Most often this is the wash pressure used to “clean” your house or deck. High Pressure Wash is used when removing peeling paint, heavy growth of dirt and mildew which is commonly found on roofs and decks.

In addition to your house, our professional, experienced wash crew can clean:

  • Roof, both asphalt & cedar
  • Deck
  • Dock
  • Swimming pool
  • Concrete pool & patio area
  • Concrete garage floor
  • Boat
  • Awning
  • Patio furniture