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Low Maintenance Exterior Upgrades, Part 3

Today’s trends: 3rd in a series

In a world that only seems to be getting busier, achieving a low maintenance lifestyle at home is not only desirable – it’s becoming necessary. And because of all of the different elements we experience on Cape Cod (sun, rain, wind, salt air, snow), making the exteriors of our homes low maintenance can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways we can help you get the job done, one step at a time.

So far, we’ve talked about low maintenance decking and exterior trim. Today, we have some insights and ideas for shingle siding.


Trend #3: Natural-Looking, Low Maintenance Shingles

If there is one quintessential image that comes to mind when you think of a Cape Cod home, it’s probably a salt box with natural cedar shingles. In new construction, they are a blonde color, which eventually weathers to a silvery grey.

cape cod home

This trend is naturally low maintenance, if you like the weathered look. But many homeowners want to keep the lighter color of a new shingle. You might think this could be done simply by applying a clear wood preservative, but because shingles overlap, you will end up with a two-toned look about a year and a half down the road. The only way to avoid that would be to reapply the clear coat each year, and that’s anything but low maintenance.


Semi-transparent stain to the rescue

The solution? For a natural – yet much lower maintenance – result, we recommend a semi-transparent stain. This will give the shingles a uniform appearance, regardless of sun exposure.

“A semi-transparent stain will give shingles a uniform appearance – and when it weathers, it will weather evenly.”

The choices for stain colors aren’t quite as vast as they are with paint, but there is quite a range. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat™ Semi-Transparent stain comes in 75 colors, from natural browns and greys to blues and greens.

semi transparent stain
A selection of Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat semi transparent stain colors.


Looking to explore some low maintenance options for your home? Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation estimate.



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