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Low Maintenance Exterior Upgrades, Part 2

Today’s trends: 2nd in a series of 3

When the weather is nice, we love to be outside. And our business follows suit. When the focus is on fresh air, our focus is on the exterior improvements that will enhance our clients’ homes.  Helping create great curb appeal is part of it, but more and more, it’s a low maintenance lifestyle that drives the work we do.

Last month we talked about decking (both composite decking and low maintenance hardwoods). Today, we’ll discuss the newest trends in exterior trim.


Trend #2: No-Fuss Exterior Trim

Like decking, exterior trim is an area where homeowners are moving to PVC / composite products. Just like top-grade lumber, most of these finishes can be cut, shaped and routed. PVC is lightweight and durable – but it doesn’t absorb water – so won’t rot, warp or split.

If you have experienced wood rot in the past, chances are it will happen again. And believe it or or not, the cost of a composite replacement isn’t much more than a good wood product equivalent.

PVC/composite trim is:

  • Designed to complement just about any other exterior finish, such as natural wood, painted wood, vinyl siding and brick
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Flexible – it can be milled, shaped and routed, and even made into curves for custom designs
  • Is virtually maintenance free


The video below shows a seaside cottage restoration featuring Royal® PVC Trim. While this project was done in Maine, they share the same challenges we have in regard to salty air, coastal winds and excessive moisture.

Paint your PVC?

Yes. We do recommend painting composite trim as one additional step. Even though it won’t rot, PVC boards will attract dirt and mold due to their negative charge (think about plastic patio furniture after a season).

When painting composite trim, take note of any factory finish colors you already have, such as window sashes or a storm door. If those are white, you should stick with white on the trim. Once you’ve painted, a routine low pressure wash is all you’ll need to maintain your new trim for years to come.

azek trim
Many of the same companies that make composite decking (such as Azek) make PVC trim, too. So if you’re also going the low maintenance decking route, you can have a perfect match.



Next up: Trend #3: Natural-Looking, Low Maintenance Shingles



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