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It Will All Come Out in the Wash

Getting your commercial property ready for the season

openWith the official start to spring only weeks away, things will be hopping here on the Cape before you know it. So now is the perfect time to get your outdoor spaces ready for business.

Commercial properties need regular maintenance in order to keep their curb appeal. In addition to the regular wear and tear that comes from annual rain, wind and snow, heavier foot traffic means a shorter general maintenance cycle for public buildings. For an almost instant facelift, start with a professional power wash. Done right, power washing can make just about every aspect of your property – from the building’s exterior to the sidewalk and parking areas – look clean, new and well taken care of.

Step up your game with a power wash

Whether you’re a new business trying to attract new customers, or a well-established business that’s been here for years, a well-maintained exterior shows you care. We serve a wide variety of local small businesses commercial properties, including:

  • Retail stores / storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, motels and inns
  • Office buildings
  • Apartments and condos
  • Historical properties
  • Retail stores / storefronts
  • Shopping centers and strip malls
  • Banks
  • Gas stations

Our commercial pressure washing services include:

  • Building exteriors
  • Concrete
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Roof cleaning
  • Peeling paint removal
  • Chewing gum removal

We work quickly and cleanly. Because no matter what kind of business you’re running, you don’t need us getting in the way, making a mess, driving away customers or irritating employees. We get that. At Stewart Painting, our extensive and ongoing training guarantee that you will be served by professionals who are trained to minimize time and maximize efficiency. We instill in our employees the importance of being courteous and respectful not just to our clients, but to yours as well.

Clean…. and environmentally safe

For most jobs, Stewart Painting uses a low pressure wash – an environmentally-safe combination of bleach & Jomax applied in a garden hose strength. This wash will gently remove dirt, mildew & lichen. It will also remove black streaks from asphalt roofs. Low pressure washing is also safe and effective for historical properties.

sandwich town hall

Low pressure wash is used for most jobs, including historical properties that require special handling. Pictured: Before and after we washed the exterior of Sandwich Town Hall.

We are also able to use a hot water, high pressure wash for tougher jobs, like removing peeling paint, heavy growth of dirt and mildew, or even stubborn graffiti. Our company was called in by the Town of Dennis to clean some offensive graffiti off of Scargo Tower, and our hot water, high pressure power washing protocol saved the day.

scargo before after
High pressure wash was used to effectively clean nasty graffiti off of Scargo Tower in Dennis.

Ready to have your home professionally power washed? Contact the experts at Stewart Painting at 508-362-8023 for a free estimate.  And your power wash helps our community, too: Stewart Painting will donate $10 from each power wash to the Cape & Islands United Way.


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