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Does Your Historic Property Need Painting and Repairs?

We live in a beautiful area of the country with a very rich history that dates back to the Pilgrims.  Historic homes and commercial buildings are a great source of pride and the aesthetics of New England towns and cities.  Historical paint colors help to keep the tradition of an historic building true to its heritage.

If you have an old home or business that has paint peeling off in sheets, cracks and bare wood showing through and you are looking to restore it you many have some of the following questions:

  • What is the correct way to proceed?
  • Does the paint need to be removed to the original wood prior to painting?
  • Can you just ‘scrape, primer, and paint’?
  • Is it lead based paint?
  • Can the painter sand lead paint?
  • What are the results that I can expect in 1 year-3 years-5 years?

Stewart Painting has over 30 years of expertise and we have become the go-to painting and carpentry company to handle local historical restorations.  Just a few of our recent bigger name historical restorations include:

  • Sandwich Town Hall
  • Cape Cinema in Dennis
  • Penniman House in Eastham

Insurance—We’re Covered

Certificates of insurance are provided to clients and potential clients, upon request.

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