Get the Fixer Upper Effect

4 ways to make the most of your interior updates

Joanna Gaines is a household name these days – known for the signature “modern meets rustic” style she uses to transform homes on HGTV’s Fixer Upper with her husband Chip. The great news is, you don’t need a complete home renovation (a televised one, no less), to benefit from Joanna’s simple and timeless taste. Here are four ways you can get the “Fixer Upper Effect” in your own home.


1. Shiplap
We had to start here, because shiplap is to Fixer Upper like peanut butter is to jelly. If you happen to discover shiplap under your drywall, it can be refinished or painted to create the kind of easygoing “vintage farmhouse” vibe the Gaines’ love. Shiplap is created with wooden boards (think paneling) that overlap a bit, creating a look that’s perfect for rural or seaside homes. You can leave it natural, stain it it, or paint it white. And even if shiplap doesn’t lurk beneath your walls – you can add it on top! This look can work in almost any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen.
Natural shiplap featured above subway tile – framing a picture window. Photo: HGTV
2. Mantels and Fireplaces
Just like shiplap doesn’t have to be a ‘preexisting condition’, a home without a fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t still run with the idea. A vintage mantel (found or built) adds architectural detail, and creates a focal point for home decor. Faux fireplaces are hugely popular too, (just poke around Pinterest!). You can use the lower portion to store or showcase all sorts of things, from candles and books to artwork or live plants.
faux fireplace
Faux fireplace, from Joanna’s blog at Magnolia Market
3. Open Shelving
Open shelving – especially in the kitchen – is another trend that seems here to stay. Cabinets are still incredibly functional (more on that in a bit), but a mix of the two might open up some possibilities. Aside from making a design statement, open shelving can be easier to access and organize, and it really does help a space feel more bright and airy. On Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip have lots of different ways to express their love of open shelving, from galvanized pipe and reclaimed wood to classic white paint.
open shelving
Open kitchen shelving, painted white to tastefully display an assortment of white dishes. See the shiplap in the back? 🙂 Photo: HGTV


4. Paint your walls (and cabinets, and furniture) in neutrals
As a painting company, we can certainly appreciate what paint can do to create a fresh new look. In fact, Joanna was recently quoted in a press release saying. “… paint is the easiest and most dramatic way to transform a space.” In general, her preferred palette is a neutral one, favoring shades of white and grey (Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster and Oyster Bay are two of her go-to paint colors). Although she recommends using color sparingly, walls are only the beginning. Accent furniture can become a completely new object d’art with a coat or two of paint – and kitchen cabinets can be painted for a fraction of what it costs to replace them.
painted cabinets
Sometimes all your kitchen cabinets need is some fresh white paint. Photo: HGTV

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